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Alternate Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

The Spider-Man movie’s mostly have a tragedy in them. One of the elements that makes the hero so loveable. But The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone could have been so much more. Rob Newton and Alex Tourje talk about it and create an alternate ending.

Dec 13, 2021

Tom Cruise as a mummy fighter, nuff said! Do you think he does his own stunts? Does the mummy? Well, the Dark Universe didn't workout because of how this movie was received. Perhaps Rob Newton and Alex Tourje’s alternate ending can change that. You decide!

Dec 4, 2021

Checkout this 2021 version of a Christmas Story called, 8-Bit Christmas! It is, in one word, fantastic! Especially for anyone that grew up during the golden age of the “Original” Nintendo. The movie is full of 80’s nostalgia. Rob Newton and Alex Tourje hoped the writers put a little more into the ending though....